backup Services

Disaster will strike when you least need, or expect it. Be prepared! Contact Haven to have us look at your current data backup systems, or design a new one. A complete strategy can be developed that includes regularly scheduled data backups, recovery testing and a disaster recovery plan that will keep your business up and running in the unlikely but very possible event you lose access to your work space.

Data Backup and Recovery

Just because it is the most recognizable of backup terms, doesn't necessarily mean it is being executed properly or efficiently, or that recovery is being tested regularly. There are numerous ways to back up your critical data: full, differential, incremental, online, offline, imaging, synchronization. Finding the method (or methods) that best fit your business is a job well suited to Haven's experience.

System Redundancy

Data protection is not the only means of preventing downtime. What happens when the hard drive crashes on your most utilized server? The results can be catastrophic. A lot of revenue can be lost in the time it takes to get it up and running again. Let Haven verify your systems are protected against hardware failure with disk RAID, server clustering and failover.

Disaster Recovery

The most overlooked or utterly neglected component of an organization's redundancy policy. Whether you're a one person operation or employ hundreds of workers, business continuity in the event of catastrophe should be everyone's concern. A disaster recovery plan need not be complicated, but should be well thought out and detailed, as well as documented and tested.

tools and vendors

Dropbox online storage and backup solutions
Allway Sync file synchronization and backup software
rsync open source data backup and synchronization software
Microsoft Windows backup,  offline folders, clustering, failover
Ease Us Todo Backup software
Adaptec SCSI, PCI, PCIe RAID hardware