data Services

Data is the gold mine from which you extract the valuable information to make your business function and grow. Haven takes your raw data and makes it useful by deploying tools that help communicate, automate, centralize, structure and report on this precious commodity.


As instant messaging and social networking gain momentum, email remains the most used means of communication in business. Hosted email services are simple to set up, configure and manage. On the other hand, in-house email servers offer better control and functionality while maintaining low recurring costs. Allow Haven to fit you with an email solution that caters to your unique communications methodology.


Spread out over your network and systems like crops on a farm, your data needs someone to harvest and bring it to the table for feasting. Haven can pool these scattered pieces into a cohesive, recognizable form from which to extract valuable information.

Sign up to check out an example of Haven's centralization services in a web application called 'centCOM'.


Put those pesky Outlook reminders to bed for good. We automate many of the tasks you regularly perform manually. We have solid experience scripting and scheduling the collection of device logs, network operation statistics and resource inventories, to name a few.


Not every manager wants to have their inbox filled with reports detailing the health of their network and systems. We give you the option to include regular reporting on the services and systems we deploy to keep you aware and up to date on what's going on with your day-to-day operations. At Haven we believe that the transparency and visibility of the technology we install and manage are fundamental in building our clients' enduring trust.

Active Directory

The ultimate in structuring your data and business resources into logical units that are easy to manage and scale. Forests, trees, sites, domains, groups, users, organizational units and policies. Security, replication, realms, trusts. There are a lot of variables to take into consideration. Let Haven handle your Active Directory infrastructure.

tools and vendors

Google cloud applications; spreadsheets, documents, maps,calendar, etc.
Zoho cloud applications; reports, CRM, planner, writer, etc.
hMailServer open source email and messaging services software
Highcharts interactive javascript web charts
Postfix open source email and messaging software
Ubuntu Linux OS distribution
Perl script programming for process centralization and analysis
MySQL open source database software
PHP dynamic web page programming language
Microsoft Windows Active Directory services