monitoring Services

As part of a long-term support agreement, the monitoring of your network and systems is like an enduring and intimate relationship. Monitoring can be set up and configured for desktop and server systems, network equipment such as routers and switches, as well as network-attached peripherals such as printers and storage devices.

Systems Health

Keeping track of the overall health of your desktop and server systems can be as obvious as monitoring hard drive consumption rate, memory usage, CPU cycles and virus definition release dates. But what about the more knitty-gritty items in those mystery boxes we call computers? How about fan speed, mainboard temperature and reboots? All these and much more can affect the responsiveness of your systems and your productivity in general. Let Haven monitor these attributes to find ways to improve the performance of your systems.

Network Performance

Perhaps you have been down this road before. There you are, cruising the Internet at break-neck speeds researching your competitors, or building a list of potential clients for your sales blitz, when whammo! The link you just clicked on stalls out before crashing and burning on an 'Error 404' page. Good thing Haven is monitoring your network. A quick lookup in the logs and trace files confirms the time of the outage and provides clues into why it occurred. Better still, gathering and logging data over time builds a clearer picture of trends and patterns to help tweak the performance of your network.


Configurable as email, text (ie. SMS), phone call or paging, alerts can take many forms. Perhaps over in marketing Lisa's PC's hard drive has hit 80% capacity. Or maybe your Internet gateway router's public interface has suspiciously starting to receive a little too many small packets. Let us help you pick the alerts you need and how you wish to receive and respond to them. Or simply sit back and let us handle them so you never need lift a finger.

tools and vendors

GotoManage by Citrix remote network management and monitoring cloud and client software services
Solarwinds SNMP network management and monitoring software
MRTG open source SNMP-based network management and monitoring software
LogMeIn remote access and support cloud service and software
Spotlight system and server hardware monitoring software
TeamViewer remote access and support cloud service
Spiceworks free IT management application