networking Services

Haven brings the a wide variety of networking services to your doorstep. From design and equipment sourcing to deployment and baselining, full turn-key solutions are available for the small start-up. Or, choose the piecemeal approach; get a network performance tune-up or order the network expansion you need after last quarter's sales boom.

Design and Installation

Whether you're setting up a new business or opening a second or third office location, count on Haven to get the job done. We design, configure, install and test every aspect of the network that makes up the heart of your business. Most importantly, we factor future growth into each design to make sure you have plenty of room to expand after striking gold.

Performance Tuning

You've been running problem free for a while. Now things have started to slow down and you're not quite sure why. Could it be increased local traffic since your Intranet site went live last week? Or maybe a PC on the LAN has contracted that latest bandwidth-sucking virus? Sometimes it's difficult to isolate the cause without the proper tools and experience. Enter Haven's network performance tuning using packet analysis. We'll locate the source of the trouble and do our best to fix it. A rigid baseline is then established to compare against future occurrences.


Your network is installed. Now what? Don't panic, Haven has the know-how to manage the network on your behalf. With remote access and remote monitoring software, you can be confident that the foundation on which your business runs is safe and sound. Router logs, user accounts, groups, system policies and VPN sessions are just a few examples of what we manage. You're left with more time to devote to growing your business. Or perfecting your golf swing.


Dave just sealed the deal on that big account with Huge Inc.; time to assemble the troops to deliver the goods to this all-important new client. But wait! What troops? And where will you put them once they're hired? Time to call and get Haven to expand your network. We'll source the equipment and provide quotes and a timeline to get the boat floating on your new revenue stream.

tools and vendors

Microsoft Visio network mapping and flow chart software
Wireshark free packet capture and network analysis software
iPerf open source network performance and bandwidth measurement baselining software
LogMeIn remote access and support cloud service and software
GoToManage by Citrix network monitoring and management cloud service and software
GoToAssist by Citrix remote access and support cloud service and software
Cisco Systems routers, switches, wireless network appliances, software and services
Microsoft Windows Server operating systems