security Services

You can never be too secure. You know it. Here at Haven, we live it. Allow us to help arm you with a fortress full of tools to fend off the most virulent of attackers.


Numero uno in lost productivity due to systems and network downtime. But fret not, protection is but a click away. Have us install and configure any anti-virus solution you prefer. Or, allow us to size up the one that suits you best for the lowest cost. Individual computers, workgroups, domains, servers, laptops; all must be covered to guard against data loss network outages. If a virus manages to squeak by undetected, we will don our hazmat suits and armor and declare war against it. No exploit is safe with Haven on the job.

Email Filtering

Spam requires no introduction. This one leaves as nasty a taste in your mouth as the original canned meat, and isn't nearly as humorous as the Monty Python sketch that gave it its new meaning. Although spam appears to be on the decline, it still accounts for the majority of all email. We recommend and source your filtering cloud service and then configure it to your needs, including alerting, reporting, etc. We can also manage filtering on your behalf, adding or removing users and features, defining logical groups and generally keeping your profile fresh and up to date.


You wouldn't like a stranger walking into your home and helping himself to a bowl of Ben & Jerry's out of your fridge, right? Same applies to your business network. The Internet is rife with 'eStrangers' and they're hungry. Haven installs and configures firewall and intrusion protection solutions catering to your needs. No use installing a huge, multiport, NOC-level, tank-like appliance when a small dual-port one will do. Or maybe some free, open source software on a Linux platform can do the job. We'll recommend and install the best product to keep the baddies out.

tools and vendors

Microsoft Security Essentials - Anti-virus, malware, spyware, rootkit systems protection software
MX Guarddog free email spam and virus filtering cloud service
Netfilter open source firewall and NAT traffic filtering software for the Linux OS
Cisco Systems network, email, web security appliances and management software
Malwarebytes free exploit, virus, malware, rootkit system cleaning and PC performance optimization software.
CCleaner free Windows PC cleaning and system optimization software tool