Support Services

Have a specific problem or area in need of improvement that you just can't devote the necessary time to? Or perhaps you're in need of long term support? No problem! No job is too big or too small.


Support Agreements

Starting with a simple cost matrix as a guide, we will work with you to customize a support agreement that caters to your needs. Ranging from a couple of hours a week onsite to priority remote support, you define a budget and a duration. We'll help fill in the blanks and make suggestions that best serve you. Be sure to ask about our long term remote support agreements that offer the best value by far.

Component Support

Sometimes it's those little things that get under your skin. In this case, you don't necessarily need a support agreement, just someone to get things working again like you have come to expect them to. Type your grocery list into the contact us page and we'll be glad to help flush the gremlins out of your network and systems.


On-Site Support

A friendly and helpful face when you need it. On-site support times can be scheduled as part of a long term agreement or one-off mentioned above. This type of support is best suited to physical changes in your infrastructure such as server installations and equipment upgrading or replacement due to hardware failure.

Remote Support

The quickest, most efficient and cost effective type of support. Light-weight, low profile remote access software is installed on your desktop and/or server system(s). When the need arises, a Haven tech can immediately connect, diagnose and often solve a problem without stepping foot in your work place. A nice fringe benefit is that the user can watch the process take place on his or her desktop in real time. This type marries well with a support agreement, but can be utilized with component support as well.

to be or not to be

Outsourcing your IT support certainly has its advantages. But is it the right choice for you? You'll want to be well informed before making your decision. Check out the articles below.

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tools and vendors

LogMeIn remote access and support cloud service and software
TeamViewer remote access and support cloud service
GoToAssist by Citrix remote access and support cloud service and software