training Services

Haven transforms its vast experience into enlightening training courses. We can train you on the systems we install. Or, have us learn your systems and use policies to build custom material to deliver to your staff. From individual to full classroom, we make sure our training is of the highest quality; practical, useful and enjoyable.

Self Support

Delivering constant desktop support to your non-technical staff can bog down your IT department or cause IT consultant fees to skyrocket. Time spent fixing those small, nagging computer issues would better be spent building your business. We offer basic computer and software use training to companies who appreciate someone who can break down the complexities of today's technology into simple (dare we say 'layman') language that is easy to understand. Let us know what system is causing frustration and we'll set to work creating training material that is straight forward and effective. Self-support pays dividends over time, saving your money and your sanity.

Software and Hardware

Now that you have your new hardware and software installed, what can you do to take full advantage of its features? Haven offers training on the systems we install so that you can opt to take control of them yourself, or at least act as a knowledgeable resource in the event a problem occurs. If we didn't install your systems, we can research, design and deliver a training course on them for you. We focus on the most practical and useful features of a system, so that your productivity can be maximized.

Best Practices

Scrutinizing the daily interactions with your desktops, servers and network is a great way to find time savings. Invite us to come in and observe how you do things. We'll unobtrusively peer over the shoulder of anyone who wishes to learn shortcuts that can save time and effort. If necessary, we'll gather a list of areas that we believe could be improved upon and then develop training material of best practices to deliver to those concerned.

happy workers

Keeping your workers well trained with basic IT skills and practices has more benefits than simply knowing how to operate a computer properly. Check out these less tangible but equally valuable advantages:

Increase employee productivity

In addition to learning how to complete new tasks and take on more responsibility, employees can learn advanced techniques to help them complete everyday tasks more efficiently.

Reduce turnover

Employees who don't receive guidance or have difficulty learning the ropes are much more likely to leave your company. Employees are less likely to leave if they have the opportunity to learn new skills and keep up within their industry.

Improve job satisfaction

Investing time and money in employees’ skills makes them feel valued and appreciated, and it challenges them to learn more and get more involved in their jobs. Higher job satisfaction ultimately results in reduced turnover and higher productivity.

Aids in the recruiting process

If you're committed to training, you'll be more willing to hire a desirable candidate who lacks a specific skill. Training also makes your company more attractive in the eyes of potential employees because it shows them that they have room to grow and accept new challenges. In addition, training existing employees could reduce the need to hire new staff.

Rewards long-time employees

You'll be more willing to promote existing employees who have learned new skills and are ready to take on new challenges.

Reduce the need for employee supervision

Not only does skill-based training teach employees how to do their jobs better, but it also helps them work more independently and develop a can-do attitude.