wireless Services

Where wire is not physically possible or cost prohibitive, wireless makes good sense. Point-to-point WAN links, inner-office mesh LANs, point-to-multipoint subscriber cells; all can be achieved with wireless. Haven specializes in designs, site surveys, link budget calculations, deployments and management of wireless broadband networks operating in the unlicensed and licensed bands.

Point-to-Multipoint (PTMP or PMP)

A term typically assoicated with wireless Internet access, PMP networks consist of a central transmitter or access point (AP) serving multiple radio nodes (subscribers). Haven designs, deploys and supports PMP and mesh wireless network solutions and their management systems. Examples include provisioning internal private office networks as well as Internet access over a wide geographical coverage area.

Point-to-Point (PTP)

Whether you own or lease your communication lines, coax (ie. 'cable'), copper (ie. 'phone lines') and fiber are expensive to install and maintain. Point-to-point wireless systems have become true cost savers, providing inter-office (WAN) or Internet access with the high throughput and availability you have come to depend on from traditional wire mediums. Let us show you how you can interconnect your locations with relative ease and low cost using wireless technology.

Path Profiles

Wireless systems require detailed planning and testing before deployment can occur. Haven has the tools to carefully locate transmitter and end point locations, define radio and antenna characteristics, and create path profiles complete with calculated signal levels and path and free space loss based on distance and terrain data.

Check out some path profile examples: Sample 1 - Sample 2

Coverage Plots

Once the service area has been proposed, a detailed map of the coverage area is needed. It's in this virtual environment that we start to get a broad sense of what to expect once the system is rolled out. Different types of radios, antennas, frequencies, elevations and many more variables are tested against the requested service area topologies to determine availability and theoretical signal strengths at various distances from the AP.

Check out some coverage plot examples: Sample 1 - Sample 2

Wireless ISP (WISP) Consulting

Whether you're new on the wireless ISP scene and are looking to deploy new towers and sectors, or are simply needing help with your existing network, Haven is there. With nearly 10 years experience designing, testing, installing, managing and supporting commercial wireless broadband radio networks in the licensed and unlicensed bands, Haven is your one stop wireless shop.

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tools and vendors

Radio Mobile radio performance prediction software; coverage area maps, path and link profiles
WaveRider LMS4000, LMS8000 series broadband radio systems for the unlicensed ISM bands
Ubiquiti AirMAX, AirOS, Nanostation, Rocket radio and management systems
Redline Broadband Radios: Haven is AN-80i (RSCP-80i) certified
Vecima Networks VistaMAX and WaveRider broadband wireless radios
Solectek Excel and Skyway series wireless systems
Cisco wireless networking appliances and software solutions
XAGYL Communications online wireless equipment supplier and shipper
FreeRADIUS open source AAA (authentication, authorization, accounting) server software for Linux OS
DaloRADIUS open source web application software for FreeRADIUS management, reporting, accounting, mapping and billing