Charles Brown - CEO, Wave Wireless Corporation (currently CEO at The Source)

"On numerous occasions, Tim has demonstrated an uncanny ability to dissect a problem, quickly devise a solution, and execute it decisively, while maintaining or even reducing cost of operations. He continually strives to build his knowledge of new technologies and approaches, which results in his knack for identifying areas in need of improvement that strengthen the company as a whole.

Tim was well liked and respected by my staff. I have found him to be a very approachable, open-minded and enthusiastic individual. When working with our customers, he was consistently cordial and mindful to present the company’s offerings in a helpful and meaningful way."

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Art Skidmore - President, Hummingbird Wireless

"Tim’s ability to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously while delivering sterling customer service surpassed my expectations. He single-handedly managed all technical and logistical aspects of existing operations. At the same time, he conceived of and developed a web application which reduced customer support response times drastically by centralizing connection data and statistics. Tim also plotted, tested, deployed and migrated customers to five new access points which reduced capacity issues on existing tower sectors and increased overall link throughput for affected customers... He consistently demonstrated a high sense of dedication, integrity, and professionalism."

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Tony Fortunato - Senior Network Performance Specialist, The Technology Firm

"Tim's work ethic and technical knowledge are absolutley stellar. It was a pleasure working with Tim and I hope to work with him again in the near future."

Chris Wyard - Vecima Networks, Director of Customer Services (currently Sales Engineer at Redline Communications)

"Tim has consistently demonstrated a keen interest in learning new technologies and applying them in a practical and methodical way. He is excellent when working with customers to resolve complex technical problems as well as helping them understand and improve their networks. I felt that I could always approach Tim with a question without reservations; he is very open-minded and accepting of others’ ideas."

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Rod Ditz - Wireless Sales Manager, Novanet Communications, Ltd.

"We had hired Tim to preform site audits for a project we were doing. Tim performed the work with little instruction and no supervision. The quality of work was excellent and no clarification was needed. We will definitely use Tim again when needed."

Dale McEachern - Owner, Nextcom Wireless Networks

"Tim continues to be a great resource to call on to help me with my wireless network. He has an intimate history with wireless networks and equipment, expert knowledge of back office systems, and a practical approach to network deployment and support in general. He also has a great 'bedside manner' that allows me to rest a little easier when it comes to more complex design and support issues."

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